An Open Letter To A Friend Who Has Had A Heartbreak

You know it might be that you would wonder that why I am not stopping you from talking about him, like your other friends and well wishers do. You might want me to tell you, “Forget him. Dare you talk about him or reminisce about him.” But no. I am not going to tell you any of these. I am not going to stop you from blabbering about him and how he is cute and how he used to do this and that. I am going to let you speak. I am going to let you talk your heart out. I am going to let you drag each and every bit of him from your head and heart to your lips. I am going to let you be gloomy for a certain time. I am going to let you tell me about all the happy days you had with him. Because one day, even after neglecting and side lining it in your heart, you are going to reach that point in your story when he hurts you.

You will remember that day when he broke your heart and walked away without caring to look back and see that you had shattered like a broken glass. You are going to realize the bitter truth that he does not care about you. And after you would have replayed the happy days in your mind a hundred times, you will also replay the one sad day which took away so much from you. And after you would have replayed the sad day a hundred times, and your tears would be dried and your heart will refuse to be hung over him, you will eventually smile.

Smile, like whatever happened was for good. And you would be able to pick up your broken pieces and stick them together and pose like a gazillion buck worthy art piece. And you know what, though I am your friend and I’d be there each step in the journey with you, no matter how hard I try, only you can make yourself look like art after being broken. I won’t mind trying but what would come out as a result of my suggestions and pieces of advice, would be you looking like a disastrous pottery. And that won’t do good. So, all I will say is, take your time and be that beautiful art piece that you can.


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