An Open Letter To High School Graduates



Hey, Calm down!

You gotta breathe. So breathe in and breathe out. I know you are panicking, so am I and so are the 10,98,800 others like you who gave their class 12 exams this year. Nobody has it all, you may think they do, but they don’t; the grass just looks greener on the other side, in reality, it isn’t.

I know the reality has finally hit you. You have finished school, you need to choose what you want to do in life, you need to build your own paths or even take the roads not taken, BUT YOU ALSO NEED TO CALM DOWN.

You will figure it out, we all do. Nobody has everything pre-planned for them, we all have to do it ourselves and we all end up doing it too. Not everything always goes according to what you plan, because life is a rollercoaster that only goes up my friend. (Yes, that was Agustus Waters giving us really deep pieces of advice about life)

Things may not always seem good, because life is again, not a wish granting factory but in the end, it always ends well; because if it is not a happy ending, it is not an ending yet.

Two years back today, you weren’t even sure if you could pass high school, were you? But you still did, right? That’s how it always works. That is how it is supposed to work. You need to work for the things you want, and then for a little while, you need to tell yourself that you did good work and then wait for the results. Because it’s always Karma in the end. You get what you deserve.

So right now is the phase where you need to tell yourself that you did the good work and now need to stay a little patient, for karma to serve you. My grandmother always keeps telling me “ waqt se pehle aur kismat se jayeda kabhi kisi ko kuch nahi milta (Nobody gets more than what they deserve before the right time comes)” and well I live by this. And so should you, because trust me its okay to have a plan and try to execute it, and it’s even okay to not have one. It’s okay not to know whether you want to pursue Medical or go for Law, its okay to wait for the second cut off or even the third one, it’s okay to get confused between Hindu and Gargi, it’s okay to want to drop and try next year, it’s okay to want to leave it all and go on a vacation, it’s okay to be something other than what your parents want you to be, its okay to score a little than what you expected, it’s okay to not want to make any decisions, it’s okay to be confused and scared.

We all are, it’s not just you. Basically every one of us in the same spot.

So for a little while, stop. Breathe. Smile. And wait for it. You will figure it out. I promise.


With tons of Love and good luck!
A high school graduate who is as clueless as you are x



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