An Open Expression To Someone I Loved

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You gave me a rose once,

I still remember it.

I asked for another chance,

Rejected me, without thinking about it.

You gave me a rose,

You rejected me too.

I don’t care about what you chose,

You mattered to me, you always knew.

You gave me a rose,

It matters so much.

Why did you give me a rose?

I miss you too much.

In every love story,

The rose symbolises love and care

But for my story,

It reminds me of my greatest scare.

I never wanted to lose you,

You promised me not to leave me as such.

Was the rose even true?

It still means so much.

I loved you…I told you I loved you. I asked you not to leave me. I promised you I won’t leave, we promised. You promised me you’d stay, then left the next day. You left a bleeding scar on my heart because I never thought we’d part. You didn’t give me a rose, you gave me something better than that.

You gave me something that would haunt me for years.

You gave me something I’d never forget.

You gave me memories.

Needless to say, you changed me.

I left you for a short period of time because I thought I wasn’t good enough, but you? You left me, for once and for all.

You, you broke down my walls of attitude and ego; and you broke me as well.

If you were insecure, you could have asked me if I still wanted you in my life, because I always did. But didn’t ask me, and you left.

You put my seed in the soil and waited for it to bloom, but then you didn’t care anymore and no one watered my dying life then.

And you know what?

I want the world to know my biggest lie.

My biggest lie was telling you that I stopped loving you.


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