Dear Creature in Denial


You would want
my memory to diminish,
the repercussions to vanish
But they won’t.

You would want me
to forget,
the war details.
Because they are already lost
in your anatomical labyrinth
But I won’t.

You would want to
let go.
And you would want
me to let go
But I won’t.

You would think
there are no remainders left
to prove your sins
the sins, the deeds that you’ve done
But you’re wrong.

You don’t see
or maybe that is what you would like to believe,
Creature in denial, let me tell you
there remains
a vast sea of scars.
Scars so deep and grotesque,
That man shy away
But I don’t.

I exhibit them.
I take pride.
Flaunt them in your face,
and you turn a blind eye.
Why shy away, Creature in denial?
My scars are your masterpieces
your pieces of art, that I possess.

You would want
me to not care
and here, right here, Creature in denial
I want to agree with you.
But where were your same wise words
when I burned myself to keep you lighted?

You, Creature in denial, must know
I don’t live for your sins
or my scars.
A bountiful life like mine,
how do you expect me to live for you?

But you don’t want
and you don’t know,
my scars will always be fresh for you.

Years later, if we bump again
I’ll smile and you’ll hurry away.
Because my scars,
fresh and bloody just for you
will still greet you there.


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