Slowly Softly
Fell on the
Hillock where
The last Fox dwelled
She put her
Snout out to
Gauge the air
As the breeze
Grew crisp
And grass rippled
In billowing waves
The Vixen slinked
To the hillock’s top
Where she yipped
And growled to
The huge full moon
Many years ago
Her mate had gone
Just like her now
To glance at this scene
Never again did he return
But still, she holds on
To a waning hope
Of his return
The hillock glowed silver
She let out a sigh
Was it too much to
Hope that he hadn’t died
Cause Humans knew
That their kind was rare
Especially her of a lovely
Shining grey coat
Gunshots rang out far
In the distance and
She shivered delicately
And then quickly dashed
To her little cave
I’ll come again
O’ great moon
Till the day I too
Disappear like my mate
Alas that this beauty’s
Tale is among those
Lost to the pages of time
Like that of a
Fogged breath’s whisper
Upon a winter’s
Moonlit night.

Image courtesy: dnigel from DeviantArt

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