No One Will Know…

After all, is said and done
I still write about you
How you were
What you said
Why you said…

After I’m convinced
that the heart is tough and true
In the unknown pits of midnight
I still think of blaming myself
But about this, no one has to know.

After I’ve completed and passed
the dingy lanes of survival
And now when I’m thriving,
I still count the times you held my hand
and let that warm shiver embrace my cold self again.
But about this, I’ll never talk.

After I accepted, peacefully
that I and you are different
we cannot be
I sometimes still fantasize about us.
It’s the deepest and darkest thought
of my outwardly lit mind.
But about this, I’ll die before I share.

After all, is said and done
I still wait for you
Never in the real world
Unethically, in my dreams.

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