The Last Note 



Dear you

So I left
But why should I have stayed?
What was left…
Of our forced gestures
And robotic lovelorn lifeless postures
On the bed and at the food table too

I left
Because it was easy to pack everything
In just one suitcase, and in just one hour
I longed for and searched desperately
For one, at least one small sign or thing
But everything in the house mocked me
You have got nothing here, your photo on my bedside table seemed to speak out curtly

I left
Because the creases in our hearts
Were more than the creases on our bed
And nothing made us cling to each other
Be it a huge fear or a crisis or,
A trivial February 14th or even the colour of love-red

I left
Because every day when we left for work
We were glad at that intersection,
the one where we had to part ways
And saddest at the same intersection,
in the evening where we had to walk home together from

I left
Because I can go on and on with this list
But it would have taken more than my soul and that old rum
To even lie about
And state one reason
For our togetherness

Darling, I left
Because you never asked me to stay
While I was there
And that never bothered me.

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