Two Mighty Ones Felled


Trumpets thundered

Bugles blared

The magnificent procession,

Was on its way.


Lead by 1000 lady dancers

And Acrobats from

Famous travelling troupes,

There trailed white horses,

With manes brushed to full.


They were just the

Eye candy before,

the main event

The great spectacle

That these gathered people,

Actually came for


In the midst of

All this fanfare,

Arose 2 mighty tusks

Decorated in hues,

Of royal red and gold


It’s here at last!

The people cheered

As they watched

With eyes wide


As the mighty pachyderm

Walked through the crowds,

With the equally magnificent

Howdah on his back.


Look at him

At those big tusks

And his eyes painted,

Like a mural unfolded.


Look at him

At his gigantic frame

Of his legs shackled,

With gold anklets molded.


Look at him

His hide well beaten

From trials of the mountains,

To those at the kedda camps.


Look at him

At his back wide,

On which the

Howdah is seated.


Look at it

That massive howdah,

Of a giant old oak

Is its mighty frame.


Look at it

The massive howdah

The intricacy it bears,

Of hand crafted excellence

Lost in the years past.


Look at it

Oh how it glistens

Decked to the nines,

With the idol

And her ornamental gold.


Look at us

Thought the Elephant,

The Howdah and I

As nature’s children.


Once mighty we reigned

Lost to the human’s power,

Now we roam to

Their tune and fancy

Both nature’s mightiest,

Are now just

Visual Fancy

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