Nani Will Always Be There…

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This story is real.
It’s about the inner-strength of a woman.
It’s about the love of a woman.
The love of a woman who worked hard for her children.
The love of a woman who, when it was an age to retire, worked really really hard, and all alone, for one of her granddaughters.
The granddaughter who was disowned by her own mother.
The mother who married the woman’s son.
This story is about Suman.
Suman worked very, very hard after her husband died. She needed to raise 3 children who were still growing up. She needed to provide food. A shelter. Clothes. Education.
All with minimal money. They were a little poor.
Suman cooked food for different families, washed clothes, knitted wool, did every job she could. All for the sake of her children.
It was a very proud and relieving moment for her when she had raised all of her children up, with a good education, and a healthy body. Her eldest daughter married and went to live in a foreign country, with her husband, they were not exactly rich, but not even poor. Her middle son lived with her, and her youngest daughter married and went to live with her husband with a 2-hour distance in between them. She can finally rest and depend on 2 daughters and 1 son.
What was supposed to be years of rest and retirement, turned out to be different. Suman’s son married a woman who wouldn’t even take care of her own daughter, Jiya. Jiya was only one year old when she was attacked by very high fever. She obviously needed her mother’s support and medication. But her mother, being so cruel, deliberately left for her hometown saying it was important for her to meet her mother. No medication for Jiya, no mother. Who showed her some heart? Suman.
Suman was old. Yet, she took in Jiya. Instead of depending on her son for money, she worked on her own, all by herself. She did everything she could do AGAIN. She tried to raise her granddaughter.
Meanwhile, it has been 9 years since that incident. Suman is still taking care of Jiya. She still provides food for her son and daughter-in-law. Her daughter-in-law borne another child, a son. She is busy taking care of him. Jiya never feels deprived of motherly love, but the real question is-
Does she ever think about her mother being Suman? Or does she understand the family ties and knows the truth?
How successful is Suman? Jiya is healthy, she earns medals for academics, every year she gets the title of OUTSTANDING, standing at the first position. Success is not measured by money, in this case. It’s the pride.
Remember the daughter who went to a foreign country?
I am her daughter.
And I’m proud of my Nani.
Even though I meet her only once a year, and I get irritated by my cousins when I meet them, I love her a lot.
I don’t fear a lot of stuff because I’m sure about one thing.
Nani will always be there.



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