Is My Home Safe?

“I need to go home, I need to go home, please God, I pray. Let me reach home safely, with all the street lights on. Please God.”, chanted Naman. He was on his way home from his tuition classes and not-surprisingly, the street lights were off. As usual, the governing body of his society was lame at their work. The other residents got habitual of this lighting flaw but not him. He was always scared, and who was supposed to be his saviour, the knight in shining armour? Me.

Trying my level best at consoling him, I began in a monotonous voice, “Calm down, big boy. You can walk with me. No one’s gonna come running at you with long, bloody red fangs, and sharp nails with white clothing. You have me. I’m your….bodyguard”.

Him- yes right, I totally believe you.

He is so so so sarcastic right now. At that moment exactly, the torch of his phone switched off automatically, and his phone went blank. I could literally smell fear in the atmosphere. I never believed in ghosts, why would I believe in them now? So I began, “It must have been the batter-”, and before I could say ‘battery’, a dog cried somewhere. Naman was, no jokes, whimpering softly. On one hand, there’s me, who doesn’t give a flying cookie about supernaturals and on the other hand, there’s Naman. Who give nothing but flying cookies about the ghost next door. I wish our other best friend was here, but she mysteriously fell sick today, Nalini always took holidays when our teacher planned to give us tests.

We crossed two blocks! Only one more to go.

Him- Can we please play some rock music on your phone?

No no no no.

Me- uh, why?

Him- I need something to change the mood….Please?

I don’t want to. My battery will die. But.

Me-Okay, here.

I pass my phone to him and he puts in the password (very lame but still cool- whyareyouhereloser). His song choices are, I admit, pretty cool.

Genre: Rap (hip-hop)

Song: Mockingbird

Singer: Eminem

We pass another block and reach his house, and surprisingly, all lights are out. IN HIS HOUSE.

He asks if he can dial his mom’s number on my phone. Before waiting for my answer, he calls his mom.


His dad’s number.


His house’s landline.

It rings.

His face lights up with relief. It rings, rings. On the fifth ring, the call gets answered. Naman literally shouts into the receiver “MOM WHERE ARE YOU ?! WHY ARE THE LIGHTS OFF? Aryan IS WITH ME! WE ARE BOTH SCARED!”. Liar, I am not scared, my name is Aryan..and I’m not scared of ghosts. Whatever. He puts the call on the speaker to indicate something. I think he wants me to listen to the wind noise coming from the phone. I can’t believe all this shit. As we walk inside, the door shuts abruptly, and a cat screeches somewhere nearby. Talk about meows on a mid lit night. Right above the chandelier, a room’s light is on and in front of it is standing…………the most gruesome, scary creepy thing one could see…..We could see the silhouette of a woman, wearing a red dress too bloody wet to be normal, with long, dry hair and a knife.


“F.” Naman let’s all his fear and anger out using words I cannot describe. I wanted to laugh though because it was funny.

And then, I think I LOST all my balls because I started laughing sooooooo much. You don’t know how much I laughed. Looking up and the woman, I saw that she was shivering…and I climbed the first few stairs just to realise that…….

She…..WAS LAUGHING as well. Apparently, the ‘ghost lady’ was Nalini, our friend. The one who was supposed to be ‘sick’. Looking over at Naman, I realised that he realised that the lady was Nalini.

She came down the stairs laughing “ ohhhh my Goddddd, Naman your parents and Aryan’s parents have gone for a movie together, they told me to tell you. ? This was all planned. By me and your parents approved, sorry for the sad news. ”

Naman was laughing and so was I.

This was some epic shit prank. Cheers.


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